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Your FHANA Board is considering the development of a new classification of member. This membership would come to you at a reduced cost, but you should also know that there will be an equivalent reduction of membership services. Following is how this membership status would be different than the Individual membership: 1- A Casual Membership member will no longer be a KFPS member. The membership fees that would have been sent the KFPS will not be charged to the Casual member, thereby reducing the Casual membership fee. A Casual member must understand that with this status, they will no longer be able to register horses. 2- As a Casual member you will still retain your voting rights in FHANA, receive “The Friesian Magazine” and be able to participate in other FHANA functions. 3- In the event that a Casual member wants to function as a full Individual or Corporate member of FHANA (ie. Register foals, sell or buy a KFPS horse, have horses judged at Keurings, etc.) the reinstated member will be required to pay the full annual KFPS membership fees. The KFPS fees will not be prorated depending date of the membership and the members full dues reinstated as of February 1 of the following year. This new status is designed to accommodate FHANA members that are gelding or non-breeding mare owners that want to continue to be a part of FHANA but have limited use of all of the services that FHANA and the KFPS offer. Our question now is, if there are members interested in this status and should your Board pursue the installation of a Casual membership status. Please notify your regional Board representative or the FHANA office of you interest in this new level of membership. Your FHANA Board appreciates your feedback on this and many other topics. We will make this Association more responsive to your needs with your help. Your Board and staff in Lexington look forward to your input and support. Sincerely, Your FHANA BoardNumber of Response(s) Response RatioIn Favor 335 74.7%Oppose 99 22.0%No Responses 14 3.1%Total 448 100%

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